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About Us

Manufacturer of the SOLAR CHILL Evaporative Coolers.

Welcome to Southwest Solar which is an innovative, 23 year old North American company specializing in solar powered ultra low energy evaporative cooling. We offer the most energy efficient line of evaporative coolers in the world, called the SOLAR CHILL. We have DC or AC low energy solutions for cooling your home, office, greenhouse, warehouse or vehicle. All of our products are can be directly run off solar panels and are and offered in a variety of voltages including 12, 24, and 48 VDC, as well as 120 and 240VAC, or 3 phase power. We also have coolers for vehicles and trucks to meet compliance with the new No Idle Laws, or over the road trucks. Most of our coolers are Stainless Steel or plastic for longer life and have a 5 year warranty against rusting out. We also build solar hot air heaters, solar ovens for cooking, design off grid solar battery based electric systems, and design “Cool Towers” which have the lowest possible energy cooling solution.  

Note that when using our DC coolers they can be connected directly to solar panels. And the cooling hours are usually limited to hours of about 8 AM till 4 or 5 in the afternoon. If no batteries are used, the cooling performance will depend on weather and clouds. Also the panel size will have to be matched very close to the power requirements of the cooler, or you will have problems with high voltage shortening the life of the fan and pump motor. We can help you size the solar panels necessary to avoid problems.  In general it is much better to have a battery in the system and a solar charge controller to keep the voltage in the right range, and have more consistent cooling performance.   Greenhouses are one application where a Solar Chill is directly wired to a solar panel. Because the harder the sun shines, the better the cooler works. They go together like bread and butter!    


With the Solar Chill make cooling one of your lowest electrical loads in your home or business.  Also, the 12 volt Kar Kool  evaporative cooler will save gas since there is no mileage penalty as with AC.  No Idle Laws for trucks  have been passed in all 50 states which limit truckers from idling just to keep the the AC running while taking a sleep break.  With our low energy coolers the driver can stay cool with the engine off, and not pollute the air while cooling the cab.  These vehicle coolers are very low energy and will easily run all night with out killing the battery.  Check out our products page for the compact new over the road truck cooler. 


Please browse our site to learn more about evaporative cooling, environmentally friendly living, and purchasing one of our products. SOUTHWEST SOLAR is committed to SUSTAINABLE technology that will preserve the Earth for our Children's Children's Children.  Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions. Evaporative cooling helps reduce carbon pollution and will keep our earth cooler as well as you!

A Note on Ductwork with the Solar Chill:

One reason that our coolers use less energy, is that we use propeller fans instead of “squirrel cage” blowers.  Most of our coolers use direct drive propeller fans, and have no drive belts to break, waste energy, and make noise. Propeller fans can move just as much air as a squirrel cage blower with less energy, but the pressure is lower, which is another reason the energy is lower.  These coolers work best with minimal ductwork.  Its best to design the  supply duct leaving the cooler to be the same size as the fan diameter or area, and limit the duct length to less than 10 feet. Since all out coolers are “side draft”, a 90 degree elbow is used if the cooler is located on the roof.  The air can be split into two ducts with the use of a low-pressure fitting called a “pair of pants” or “y”.  See more on evaporative cooling stratiges in the section on Fresh air cooling.


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