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Southwest Solar Passive Solar Heated Office and Shop With Cool Tower in Tucson AZ


                              About Southwest Solar:

We are a small, innovative company that has been in the solar cooling business for 24 years. We are committed to developing low energy coolers made out of high quality materials and are environmentally minded. We build products that will outlast the competition.  We are the manufacturer of the many sizes of the SOLAR CHILL evaporative cooler, And also sell the New Hybrid Solar/Grid powered Mini Split Heat Pumps that connect directly to MC4 PV Solar Panels.

We specialize in solar powered ultra low energy evaporative cooling. We offer the most energy efficient line of evaporative coolers in the world, called the SOLAR CHILL. We have DC or AC low energy solutions for cooling your home, office, greenhouse, warehouse or vehicle. All of our products are can be directly run off solar panels and are and are offered in a variety of voltages including 12, 24, and 48 VDC, as well as 120 and 240VAC, or 3 phase power. We also have coolers for vehicles and trucks to meet compliance with the new No Idle Laws, or over the road trucks. Most of our coolers are Stainless Steel or plastic for longer life and have a 5 year warranty against rusting out. We also build solar HOT AIR HEATERS, solar ovens for cooking, design off grid solar battery based electric systems, and design “Cool Towers” which have the lowest possible energy cooling solution.  

Note that our DC coolers can be connected directly to solar panels, and have 120 VAC backup if you do not have batteries.  And the cooling hours on direct solar power are usually limited to the hours of about 8 AM till 4 or 5 in the afternoon. If no batteries are used, the cooling performance will depend on weather and clouds. Also if the solar panel size is not matched very close to the power requirements of the cooler, you will have problems with high voltage shortening the life of the fan and pump motor. Or you can use a DC to DC power supply to regulate the voltage from the PV panels, without using batteries.  We can help you size the solar panels necessary to avoid problems. Greenhouses are one application where a Solar Chill is directly wired to a solar panel. Because the harder the sun shines, the better the cooler works. They go together like bread and butter!    
With the Solar Chill, make cooling one of your lowest electrical loads in your home or business.  Also, the 12 volt Kar Kool  evaporative cooler will save gas since there is no mileage penalty as with AC.  No Idle Laws for trucks have been passed in all 50 states which limit truckers from idling just to keep the the AC running while taking a sleep break.  With our low energy coolers the driver can stay cool with the engine off, and not pollute the air while cooling the cab. These vehicle coolers are very low energy and will easily run all night with out killing the battery. Check out our products page for the compact new over the road truck cooler.
Please see our Products tab to learn more about our Solar Chill evaporative coolers, and purchasing one of our products. SOUTHWEST SOLAR is committed to SUSTAINABLE technology that will preserve the Earth for our Children's Children's Children.  Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions. Evaporative cooling helps reduce carbon pollution and will keep our earth cooler as well as you!

Our Goals

To be the leading provider of the highest quality evaporative cooling products, and Solar Mini Split Heat Pumps, great customer service, and passive heating and cooling techniques; while being a model business for environmentally conscious business practices, and high ethics through our use of renewable and sustainable energy sources and green building techniques.

Tucson Arizona has been the home of Southwest Solar since 1995. With over 55 years experience in evaporative cooling and 48 years in passive and active solar heating & cooling, Bill Cunningham P.E., Southwest Solar's head Engineer, and original owner and founder, got his Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of Arizona, and has called Arizona home since 1970. He Worked with the U of A's Environmental Research Laboratory in Low Energy Heating Cooling solutions, greenhouse heating and cooling Engineering, and Passive Solar heating design and innovation. He was the principal investigator for " Passive Downdraft Cool Tower" research, and "Wavelength Selective Greenhouse Films", and "Liquid Foam Greenhouse Insulation and Shading".  And is a licensed Professional Mechanical Engineer

Customer Satisfaction

Southwest Solar was founded on a few basic principles:

1. Aid in the overall health of the earth by providing the lowest energy cooling systems available in our world. 
2. Provide easy access to a knowledgeable professional, be courteous and efficient with sales staff and technical support
3. Be upfront about all shipping charges and returning policies
4. Make every effort to make our site full of easy to read, easy to understand and easy to navigate material and products
5. Give our honest opinion on all products and comparisons
6. Make sure that the customer is satisfied

We have found in that these simple and basic principles are not often followed by many other competitors and companies, and we aim to change that, by providing these principles in our business we set an example for all other companies. Our pledge to you is that we will do all that is within our reasonable power to make you happy.

Our number one goal is to guide you to the correct product at a fair price that is going to make you happy, and make the planet healthy and sustainable. 


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Stainless Steel Cooler Production

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