Southwest Solar Is now offering a

limited amount of Duct Fittings that fit our Solar Chill Evaporative


 1. 90 Degree Elbows With Slide


2. Thru the Wall Straight fittings with Shut off Slide Dampers

3. Why fittings for splitting air flow into 2 smaller ducts, also called "A Pair of Pants"

More information and pricing is Coming on this New Website

25"x25" 90 Degree Elbow withSlide Damper on Sloped Roof

25"x25" 90 Degree Elbow withSlide Damper on Flat Roof

25" Round to 20" Round "Vent Pipe" or Adjustable Elbow.  With Square Transition (16" x 16") to 20" Round. Note this is a high friction fitting and will reduce the airflow, and will adapt a Solar Chill Cooler to existing ductwork already installed thru the roof.

25" Round to 20" Round "Vent Pipe" or Adjustable Elbow.  With Square Transition (22" x 22") to 20" Round.  This is a better choice than the above duct, and will fit between roof joists that are 24" on center.

90 Degree Elbow for 14-120 Hybrid Solar Chill Cooler

Note: Midwest plug in electrical box for pump and 2 speed fan cord

Wye Fitting, or "Pair of Pants for splitting cooler output into two ducts. These are now available at Southwest Solar.

Typical Window or Wall Install

This can be done with a short square duct with a winter shut off damper built into the duct, or coolers can be installed with a round hole cut into the wall for the Solar Chill fan shroud to fit into the hole. Note with a round hole, the winter shut off will need to be provided by a cooler cover, or foam insert into the duct.

Window Install with short duct fitting and wall supported shelf

Wall Install with transition duct fitting with support legs for ground mount.  Note hardwired electrical connections with flexible conduit. Check local building codes for requirements


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