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Image113 solar air heater.jpg

Solar Air Heaters are a great way to add heat to you building, especially if you do not have enough passivesouth windows which only let in heat during the winter months. These can be installed on the roof or ground next to your building. They only need a small 100 watt DC or AC fan to move the air into your space, and will harvest 1-1/2 times more energy or heat than a 1500 watt plug in electric heater.  
Our heaters are made with 24 gauge galvanized steel and thick plate glass, with baffles to produce higher temperatures. 
The wiring is easy!  The controls use two thermostats wired in series creating "thermostat logic" and will turn on only when it is too cool in the building, and hot in the solar collector.  One thermostat is inside the solar collector, and one inside the heated space. 

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