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Solar Panels are available, Note: this page is Under Construction. Please Call for more information.

We can design custom Photovoltaic and passive solar buildings, or consult with you, and help you figure out which panels and/or will power our line of Solar Chill evaporative coolers. Note this is it takes a lot fewer solar panels to power the Solar Chill cooler than other cooler brands. One panel is all that is needed to run the cooler during the sunny hours of the day, and batteries can be used to run the cooler at night.
Currently we have  We don't stock a lot of solar panels or charge controllers, but can get good prices for you; just let us know what you want.
Currently we have some slightly used 190 Watt Evergreen (Made in the USA) PV panels available for $123 each. We also have 290 watt/24 volt/72 cell new Trina PV solar panels for sale for $275each.  Call for more information. Used Panels as well
In Stock:
Trina Solar 290 Watt New panels:             $275
Evergreen 190 Watt slightly used panels: $139
Used 250W 30 Cell panels, tested:           $95
Used 120W Kyocera 36 cell 12 Volt:          $145  

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