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Solar/Hybrid Mini Split Heat Pumps
Note 12,000 and 18,000 BTUH  Both Solar Direct and 120 Volt AC Hybrid
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The Full Story

Hybrid Mini Splits are a new technology that can greatly reduce your cooling and heating energy and bills.  These new Heat Pumps will run off your your house/grid/solar power, and also run Directly off of PV panels to offset the electricity that you buy.  These Hybrid Heat Pumps will run directly off of the PV/solar power, or grid power at night, and seamlessly merge the two energy source! They will take a PV/Solar input of up to 359 Volts DC from the panels, and also an input from your "house/grid/inverter power". Typically one string of up to 7 250 watt 60 cell panels may be added to power your hear pump producing true solar heating and cooling for your home or business.  

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