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KAR KOOL 312                         $339

This is perfect for folks in dry climates who need some cooling in a a car or truck.  This small 12 volt evaporative cooler plugs into a 2 volt accessory plug, and will not reduce your fuel milage and deliver about 300 CFM of evaportive cooled air. It is only designed to cool the cab of a small pickup or front seat of a vehicle. It can also provide back seat cooling for a weak or failing AC system. Water needs to be added periodically, and consuption will depend on the humidity and temperature.  A gallon or two of fresh water should provide several hours of cooling.

Some fresh air flowing into the vehicle will dry the air, and improve the performance. This can be done thru the vent system or a window could be cracked open. These coolers work better while on the road when a good supply of dry outside air is available thru the vents. While sitting at a stop light, may be a good idea to open a window, to lower the humidity and increase the performance of the cooler. 

45 Watts,  300 CFM,  7lbs

TRUCK COOL 1012HP   SS $689

TRUCK COOL 1012HP  Galv.   $577

This little cooler is perfect for a small space like a "toy hauller" small camper, extended or 4 door pick-up cab, or 125 square feet.


FAN: 10" Diameter

Volts: 12 VDC

Power High Fan: 40 Watts

Power Low Fan: 25 Watts

Wet Pad: 6" CelDek

Dimensions: HxLxW:  14"x18"x18"

Dry Weight: 15 Lbs

CFM: 400 Cubic Feet per Minute

Water Storage: 4.5 Gallons

Truck Cool 2-812HP    $1495

This Solar Chill Cooler is Built

Specially for 18 Wheeler Tractor Cabs

Includes Separate 15 Gallon Tank

with 12V Pump, 4 Control Switches


Volts: 12 VDC

Watts: 45

CFM: 400

Wet Pad: 6" CelDek

Dry Weight: 20 Lbs

Dimensions HxWxL: 13"x18"x20"

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